cover 'ONE'

JPCC Worship
Album: ONE
Music: Sidney Mohede, Andre Hermanto, Kevaz Lucky, Joshua Tremonti, Andriyanto.
Lyrics: Sidney Mohede, Kenny Goh. Worship Leader: Ribka Yusuf Lucman
(c) 2013 Insight Unlimited Publishing, All Rights Reserved, International Copyright Secured. Used bypermission. CCLI No. 7005428

You can breathe all the stars
You can hush the raging storms
Yet You formed me and You called me by my name
You can walk on the ocean
Part the sea and halt the sun
Yet You see me and You hear my every cry

I surrender all
To the Savior of my soul

Let the weak in me say I am strong
You’re my refuge and my song
I will trust in You for all my days
Let my fears and doubts be cast away
You’re my strength I will not fear
Jesus I will call upon Your name
You are my hiding place

Broken steps broken hearts
You are mending every part
I am safe and I’m covered by Your grace
Only You and Your light
Could turn my darkness into dawn
By Your blood death has lost and love has won

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